Walking Gallery Bilbao -Fair Saturday 2015

FAIR SATURDAY is a global movement developed by artists and cultural organizations.

Act massively on the last Saturday of November each year supporting each event with an ONG or social project.

Walking Gallery Bilbao

This Saturday the WALKING GALLERY BILBAO will walk  through Bilbao in collaboration with FAIR SATURDAY 2015.

WALKING GALLERY BILBAO adds to its initiative and make their artistic marches this month visiting different events to be held in our city on the occasion of the celebration of the Fair Saturday.

Then the path of the Walking:

17.00_ SQUARE MOYUA. Open Call “Walking Gallery Bilbao Saturday Fair 2015″.

17.30_WALKING GALLERY to the Maritime Museum through the Parque de Doña Casilda Iturrizar.

18.00_ MARITIME MUSEUM Ria de Bilbao. And Samba Batucada “Bitxo do Samba” who works with the Association Osalde. – Walking Gallery until …

19.00_ KIOSKO of Arenal. Concert of the group “The Weather Man” in collaboration with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. – Walking Gallery until …
20.00_ ABANDO STATION Concert of the Youth Orchestra of Leioa. Collaboration in this case is with the Etorkintza Foundation. – Walking Gallery until …

21.00_ KIOSKO of Arenal. Concert “Music Eni”, collaborating with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. – Walking Gallery until …

22.00_ FARM (Plaza Circular). Finale Saturday Fair 2015: musical by “the Indieteca Dj Santo + (Fever Club)” animation. We will cooperate with the Association Bakuva.

(…) And if some / a walker still want more music to move your art, do not worry, we keep us another concert in the hole:

23.30_ ERCILLA DRY & COOL (C / Ercilla 37-39). Concert versions country-rockabilly by “The Bilbobillies”.