Walking Gallery Bilbao 29September

Last 29 September The Walking Gallery Bilbao cultural movement resumed its activities after the summer.

Naroa GutiérrezCame together at the Hotel Melia at 17h, next to the event showroom ‘Fitting Room‘ which held there its 8th edition in which participated the artist Naroa Gutiérrez artwalker and coordinator of the Walking Gallery Bilbao, showing his work in the room 204.

Walking Gallery, without walls, without frontiers, fills the city of joy, color, harmony, friendship, visual poetry, Art.

This movement was born in Barcelona (Spain) in April of 2009 when the artist Jose Puig (Barcelona) took the first walk with his picture hanging on his shoulder with the intention of developing Walking Gallery as reciprocation within the art world. www.walkinggallery.com

Dare to join this walk!

A photograph of the right artist Naroa Gutiérrez carrying a silk handkerchief by artist Cristina Ruiz Baña, family photograph below artwalkers of Bilbao.

Artwalkers Bilbao