Walking Gallery Around the world

The next day, December 1 walkers have been called to a new Walking Gallery Around the world!


Walking galleryWalking gallery 9 cities in the world are jointly involved in this movement: Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Montevideo, Aviles and Santiago de Compostela. www.walkinggallery.com


Barcelona (24:00. Pl. Catalonia), Madrid (24:00. Puerta del Sol, Bear and Magroño), Bilbao (24:00. In sculpture by Jorge Oteiza “Alternative ovoid in unemployment of the area” which is against the City of Bilbao), Zaragoza (14:00. Cannons English-Paseo Court Sagasta), Buenos Aires (14:00 h. Meeting point to be determined), Sao Paulo (14:00 h. Meeting point to be determined), Avilés (12:00 h. Calle Palacio Valdés), Santiago de Compostela (12:00 h. meeting point to be determined)

On the right A photograph of Naroa Gutiérrez Gil with Walkers in Bilbao