Mixamo Fuse creation 3D model characters

This time I will speak of Mixamo Fuse, program I recently known.

Mixamo Fuse was created in 2008 by Stefano Corazza and Nazim Kareemi as a spin-off from the Biomotion Lab project at Stanford University. It was offered as a cloud service for animations and automatic rigging. In 2009, its online animation service. In 2010, Mixamo worked with Evolver to develop characters. Soon, Autodesk acquired Evolver, but Mixamo had already started its own creation service.


Currently Mixamo is a free program that you can acquire through the platform Steam and Adobe Cloud, it is not a 3D editing program like Maya Autodesk, 3d max or Blender. It is a simple and intuitive management software to customize 3D characters in the same way that we can create and customize characters at the beginning of many video games, in a quick and simple way.

It possesses great variety of clothes, hairstyles, also allows to import own characters and new clothes. In another article I will explain how it is done.

It has its online platform mixamo in which it offers a great variety of animations and different possibilities of rigging depending on which platform and for what type of animation is destined.

Within the possibilities of export you can upload it directly to the mixamo platform, or export it as an obj so that you can work on any other 3D program and personalize it much more, or improve for example the quality of detail of the skin, as I did with the character of Olentzero.

olentzero-total-detalleOlentzero 3D – by Cristina Larios – tiempopo.