Retouch Offer

Arrives a new Offer to this section. Retouch Offer until 1 May:   With the restoration of an old photo take as a fun gift photomontage. Please request your cost estimate free of charge and without obligation. Photomontage of Cristina Larios– Tiempopo How Leonardo Da Vinci had painted to Rachel Weisz?

The long journey of photo retouching

The photo retouching is long way from that in 1816, the French physicist Nicéphore Niépce invented photogravure.   Niépce imaged using a photochemical process and the camera obscure (already used by Aristotle for observing eclipses and Renaissance painters to the development of his paintings). Or in 1831 the French painter Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre photographs undertake plates … Continue reading The long journey of photo retouching