Video Game Design

“Unity3d is a game development ecosystem: a powerful rendering engine fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools …”   In the article today I want to talk about several new training courses in which I am engaged, and in that moment I just finished the first. Creating Games with Unity3d,  provided by the … Continue reading Video Game Design

Eyequant web tool to measure the clarity of the design.

Developed by a team of neurosurgeons  predicts mathematically what customers give attention to our website.   I recently met a web tool to analyze which parts of our website will receive more attention, useful to think and rethink the design, Eyequant. This application has been created from over 1,000 users experiments to measure the clarity … Continue reading Eyequant web tool to measure the clarity of the design.

Offer personalized illustration

Give a nice illustration in congratulating special moments.   With the arrival of May, coming days to celebrate Mother’s Day, baptisms, communions, weddings … Illustration by Cristina Larios – Tiempopo Give a nice custom illustration  from 60 €, this is fantastic price until July 1.

Tarot Project, The Moon XVIII

The moon shows us the need to guide and evolve through our intuition.   This letter is usually represented by a desolate landscape in which firstly observed a crab with pincers open looking at the moon in a pond. On the horizon two towers guarded by two dogs that howl , referring to the human … Continue reading Tarot Project, The Moon XVIII


Out of Range magazine, has published in his collection of mini-books OPERA PRIMA, the proposal we sent Tricephalo group: Metamorfilia.   Along with artists Piedad Ortiz de Urbina, Jesus Mari Fernandez leaves (Ura-77), settle the Tricephalo group, born of a meeting of the Walking Gallery Bilbao. Cover the work  Metamofilia of Tricephalo group, illustrated by … Continue reading Metamorfilia

Tarot Project, Letter XVI The Tower

Herald a major internal transformation process a great full, fast and needed change.   This illustration is usually represented with a falling tower being struck by lightning, two young precipitate from high tower. But we are not addressing a normal lightning, but rather a fulminator lightning, punishment for our stubbornness and pride. Illustration by Cristina … Continue reading Tarot Project, Letter XVI The Tower

Offer Design Your logo

Until May 1 take this offerDESIGN YOUR LOGO.   By designing a logo Take gift custom designing a business card or design your business cards, design your logo. Please request your cost estimate free of charge and without obligation. Design by Cristina Larios – Tiempopo  for the offer DESIGN  YOUR LOGO  

Tarot Project, The Lovers VI

Perfect harmony of love in the couple or very important , love for ourselves.   This new illustration added to the gallery is part of my Tarot project. Here is a brief summary of the meaning : Illustration by Cristina Larios – Tiempopo. This letter is normally represented by a man who has to choose … Continue reading Tarot Project, The Lovers VI