Aupa Marijaia! Aste Nagusia!

Bilbao Great Week! Aste Nagusia! From 17 to August 25.


Time to enjoy the festivities and the city of Bilbao, plenty of musical, artistic, scenographic, folklore and fireworks ready to feel and thrill in the Aste Nagusia 2013. You can see the program here.

I dedicate this post to an endearing character, symbol of  Aste Nagusia and also Bilbao City.

Marijaia is a creating of Basque painter and engraver, Mari Puri Herrero in 1978. The artist was inspired by the prototype of traditional Basque women, in rural areas, in comic gesture optimistic attitude and inviting them to enjoy the festivities.


Ilustation of Cristina Larios – Tiempopo

Following the tradition of the giants and big heads, each year drawing up a large-scale Marijaia, chaired and accompany the holidays, from the proclamation of the Txupinera until his dismissal in the estuary of Bilbao.

Kepa Junkera  composed a song for Marijai, “Badator Marijaia ” (Here comes Marijaia) in 1977.

Aupa Marijaia, Aupa Aste Nagusia!