Professional web design and multimedia since 2007 beginning in 2012 Tiempopo my personal project for the creation and development of web, graphic and artistic projects.

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the U.P.V. I specialize in the following years in the field of web design and programming  studying different programming and web design masters in the company Euroinnova Formación .

Since 2014 I formed in the 3D modeling and the creation of video games with Unity 3D in the company Seis Cocos.


Since 2011 until today I have taken part in group exhibitions with cultural Rumble cómic and illustration y Walking Gallery Bilbao  group, the next group exhibition is scheduled for Getxo Comic Fair (November 2015) as a partner of Rumble .

As a contributor to the magazine Rumble comics and illustrations have published comics in numbers (10, 12, 14 and 15)